Chiropractic was first introduced as a healing profession in 1885 by D.D. Palmer. His son B.J. Palmer scientifically pioneered Chiropractic's development to the modern medical profession that it is today. He developed the "Toggle-recoil" (the technique that is used at the Lamb Chiropractic Clinic).

Lawrence Lamb was trained by B.J. and helped to developed H.I.O. (Hole-In-One-technique). After graduation in February 1939, Lawrence set up his first practice in Hollywood.

With the onset of the second World War he came home and joined the RAF where his unique skills with x-ray where utilised to help re-design cockpits to protect the pilots. This meant that often he had to rebuild the poor dead pilot to take x-rays and try to work out how to protect them from dying if their plane crashed.

In 1946 he set up his first practice in England. In 1947 he moved it into Pinner where the practice has been ever since.

In their 62 years of private practice, serving one community and giving out well in excess of 750 000 patient treatments, the development of B.J.'s theories continues to this day. With the new generation in training we hope to take it much further.

Howard Lamb graduated from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (AECC) in 1982. On graduation Howard worked with his father Lawrence for 14 years. In that time they both honed and perfected a technique that is gentle as well as effective (The Lamb Technique). It can be tailored to the needs of virtually all individuals in the alleviation and preventions of aches, pains and discomforts throughout the musculo-skeletal system.

The Lamb Technique, now in its 62th year, is available for yet another generation from Lamb Chiropractic Clinic, who continue to maintain the high standards of skills and care on which their reputation has been built over many years.

In 2001 Howard became Michael Bengtsson's mentor and they have since then created a truly unique working relationship.

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